How to look after your Wooden Sunglasses

When you choose to purchase eyewear made from wood be that sunglasses or optical frames, you are entering into a kind of relationship with those glasses, and like all relationships both parties need to take care of one another.

Use the case! It's not just pretty and convenient

Although our wood glasses frames are strong they are still made from wood and not plastic and as such do not have the "give" that plastic frames might have. This means that if you put them in your pocket and hit your leg they may be liable to snap, this also applies if you put them into your pocket with your keys or phone. 

We strongly recommend that you use your Kraft paper folding case to store your glasses in when not in use, it's not just a pretty box after all and it does serve its purpose very well when used!

Homemade Organic Beeswax Balm

When you unpack your box for the first time you will notice a microfiber cleaning cloth is included, this is to be used to clean both your lenses and your frames from dust and buildup of dirt. It is not recommended to use any other material to clean your glasses frames or lenses as they might scratch, especially wood based fabrics such as tissue paper. 

Before we send you your new wooden sunglasses we apply a thin coating of handmade organic beeswax, this is to ensure that the wood is protected from the elements. This coating will over time come off so we have included in your box a 15ml tub of our homemade organic beeswax and recommend you re-apply it every so often.

We advise you to take a very small amount of the beeswax (just dab your finger in it) and carefully rub it into the wood being careful not to get any on the lenses. If you do get any on the lenses then just take a small amount of water and use the microfiber cloth.

When you start to rub the beeswax into the wood you will see the wood start to shine a little, once you are finished take a cloth and gently rub the wood once more, removing any excess wax. You dont want it to be sticky or to be able to see your finger prints on the wood.

As an extra point we want to stress that you don't need much of the wax, 1 or 2, maybe 3 dabs is all that's required.

When you purchase wooden sunglasses you are purchasing something much more than an accessory, you are buying something that needs attention and respect. If you take good care of them then they should last you a long time. If you abuse them then they will break or become weak. Love them and they will love you.

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