Rx Optical Wooden Frames

With our new optical wood sunglasses we bring you the flexible frame. Made with nine layers of ultra thin hardwood and two layers of silk mesh, they can be heated like traditional acetate eyewear and bent to provide a perfect fit every time. 

Examples of why you might want to bend your glasses:

  • Bend the arm tips inwards to provide a better hold behind your ears
  • Change the base curve of the frame

To accomplish this the chosen part of the frame must be heated to 95 degrees for 10 seconds or 85 degrees for 20 seconds until they are slightly soft.

You can then apply light pressure to the part you want to bend and hold in place away from the heater until no longer soft. It is important to note that you cannot bend the frame against the layers as they will break.

Please ask your local opticians for advice, they have acetate heaters. We cannot be held responsible if you attempt to bend your glasses at home. 

Wooden Sunglasses On Desk SideRoot

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