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SideRoot began in Örnsköldsvik, a small town that sits on the High Coast in the north of Sweden. SideRoot is a family business that started when founders Richard and Emelie decided to put their design skills to the test to deliver one of a kind designs that challenge the conventions of modern day eyewear shapes. Choosing to enter a world so dominated by plastic they decided to pursue a more natural path and made wood their material of choice. Through dedicated research they found that current design trends in the world of wooden sunglasses was not up to scratch with most brands serving up the same templates to customers that long for originality. 

Eyewear has moved on from the days of only correcting ones sight. It is now an extension of ones style, a way to engage the face in the same way we express our individuality through our clothes.  

Every piece of eyewear SideRoot produces is handmade by people, not machines, allowing the expression of personality to extend from maker to wearer. Their collections consist of handmade wooden sunglasses and wooden eyeglasses.

Though design is at the heart of what drives SideRoot the environment also plays an important part in shaping the companies ethos. They plant 10 trees for every sale through their partnership with Trees for the Future which ensures people in Sub Saharan Africa have a sustainable food source and the ability to provide food to their livestock and fuel for their fires.


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